Writer: Hagar Sadek
Editor: Abdulelah Ba Tarfi

Soulmates. We spend years of our lives wondering where the love of our life might be. I mean, everybody must badly lust their own soulmate, right? But what if they’re around you. What if your soulmate is your best friend. Your relationship doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic and cheesy. Their smile might be what makes the world feel better; Or the charm might be the atmosphere of comfort and ease you feel around them. You would not mind spending the rest of your life with them because they are so understanding to you. Understanding in a way that you know they’ll make you tea when you need it without the need to tell them. They’d stay  leave you alone at times because they know how much you value your alone time. Their tactfuleness perfectly matches your chattiness. They are the person that you want to protect at all costs; a person that you want to hold in your arms in silence.  You just want to give them all the love in the world, just not in a romantic way. Maybe your soulmate doesn’t have to be blushed faces and butterflies at the first glance, maybe he or she is comfort and peace.