No Matter How Much I Talk

Writer: Ola Refaat

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

I’m a talkative person.

Like, really talkative. 

Ask me a question and watch me turn it into a conversation.

Oh wait, did I mention that it’s your fault ?

I talk because I like to talk to you.

I laugh because I want to laugh with you.

I hope because I love to hope for you.

You were always there, but you never knew what I was going through and how much you helped.

You were always there, but did you feel the butterflies I felt when sitting by your side?

Just the mere thought of you came with a smile on my face.

But…but that’s no longer the case.

I mean, I still love you and all, but am I hanging on to false hope?

Will there ever be an us?

Will I ever get the courage to actually come talk to you?

These thoughts lie with me in bed every night I go to sleep.

These 3 AM thoughts are about you and only you.

I really wish things were different. 

I really wish I can talk to you.

I really wish it was that simple.

I really wish, but I never regret.

I believe things will a find a way .

Whether youโ€™re here by my side or not, I will always be the happiest person because I met you.

I will never forget a memory.

I will never forget a laugh.

I will never forget a tear.

And most importantly, I will never forget you.