The Anti-dramatic Pills

Writer: Nayirah Salem

People who cause drama everywhere they go, yet call every emotional person dramatic, always surprise me. Let’s make something clear: there is a huge difference between people who are emotional and people who are dramatic. Dramatic people are the ones who love to exaggerate. They turn a cat into a tiger and talk about actions and details that never even happened. Meanwhile, being emotional is sort of like having a soft heart and a full dignity; you just feel so affected by all the cruel things that happen and maybe you show this sympathy by tearing up a little bit, and that’s just fine. 


 Dramatic people always hate being called dramatic. I mean, we all hate being called dramatic, but they might start a huge fight over being called dramatic because, well, they are dramatic. They can literally, and for no reason, turn a pond into an ocean and swear that they have seen sharks! Society should differentiate between dramatic people and emotional people. Also, we should all stop calling dramatic people dramatic, instead we could help them in avoiding all that drama and negativity, and god knows they need the help. Some people use drama in hopes of getting attention, so why don’t we give them the attention that they so hopelessly yearn for? Maybe then they’ll stop.


 Everyone has a good and a bad side to them, and no one has the right to call anyone by their bad, because pointing the bad in someone will never make you a good person. But we also have no right to mix between bad and good things in people, like being emotional and dramatic, instead, we can help those people to avoid drama, it’ll all be better then.