Wardrobe Essentials

Writer: Hania Mostafa

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

Want a change in your wardrobe and don’t know where to start? Don’t want to go over budget by buying clothes you’re going to wear only a couple of times? Just buy the essentials. We all have these necessary, yet simple clothing pieces in our wardrobe that we just keep wearing because, let’s be real, they’re comfortable and easy to style. So here I am taking on the mission of telling you about all the must-have pieces in any teenage girl’s wardrobe. 

1- “THE” Pair of Jeans 

So, many of us have a couple pairs of jeans, but we all have “THE” pair of jeans that flatter our body the most and, at the same time, are the most comfortable. We all keep trying different jeans cuts, including boyfriend jeans, slim, skinny, high-waist, boot cut, etc… You can pair your favorite jeans with whatever you want from blouses to sweatshirts and coats. Also, you can totatlly turn a pair of jeans into all the sparkly glam you want for any party. 

2- Denim Jacket

Yes, also denim because first, I love denim, and second, denim can go with almost everything. Want to go to college and it’s chilly outside but not too cold that you’ll need a coat? A denim jacket is your way to go. 

3- Scarves, Scarves and Scarves 

Believe me, if you just wear a white shirt or sweater on jeans everyday while adding scarves with different patterns and colors, you’ll look completely different everyday. Indeed , scarves have that much of a power. Also, try that denim jacket with a scarf and a popping color. Trust me, you’ll look trendy, fashionable, and simply bomb. 

4- Cardigans

If you’re too tired to think about a complete outfit, wear a cardigan and jeans. They will always look good, comfortable, and just effortless because we all have these days where we want to wear comfy clothes and still look trendy. So let me tell you something, cardigans are never out of style. 

5- A Pair of White Sneakers 

I mean you can buy sneakers in whatever colors you want; however, white sneakers are definitely a priority. That’s because they can be styled with almost every outfit you wear. Also, have we ever lost sight of the good old white sneakers? I don’t think so, because simply, they’re always stylish and trendy.