The Playlist of My Life

Writer: Menna Kalboush

Editor: Khaled Mohamad

I’ve listened to many songs.
I have favourites, which I keep playing on repeat. I sing along with some and I skip some.
I have a playlist that I listen to when I feel happy, and another when I feel sad.

Music has never failed to heal my soul. It’s my way of shaking off pressure and living in the ambience of a completely imaginary world where only inner peace prevails.
I mean, the real world is always noisy, but even if we get too involved in the chaos, deep down we all crave for one thing: peace!

I realized that I’ve created a very unique playlist inspired by my own stories, situations, and suffering. Each song reminds me of a memory, a place, a person.
All the lyrics are telling stories and hidden secrets.
It has songs with the happiest beat ever; ones that were played on a colourful ukulele.
They release the truest senses of joy and happiness to the world. They make my heart dance the moment they start playing.

Other songs carry the tone of nightfall: sadness.
They were all played on the strings of sorrow and regret. The depressed sound of the violin always sets the tone for the whole song. They hit a part of me that nobody gets.
My heart breaks when I pay attention to the lyrics and realize they sound like someone screaming out for help.

The only difference here is that this playlist does not even exist.
This playlist is simply my life!
Just a weird mixture of happiness and sadness.
Some situations leave my soul torn and wounded for how heartbreaking they were.
And some only go unnoticed; I’m not even affected by them.
Sometimes I feel a medley of mixed emotions. Other times, I feel nothing!

Actually, it’s the same case for all of us.
Our lives are all diversified playlists. All of their songs are merely reflections of everything we encounter in life.
We feel happy, sad, angry, anxious. We smile, dance, cry, love. It’s simply how life works.
All those emotions are what remind us of our humanity, and they always teach you something.

For me, my very own playlist has taught me how to enjoy every second of my life. I was taught that everything passes because each song has an end.
And I’ll probably keep on listening to songs and melodies I’ve created to help me keep my life on track.