Dealing with Boredom

Writer: Rawan Elkahky

Knock knock… It’s summer time! And for most people, it’s when boredom starts hitting, and sleeping invades everyone’s life. We humans resist excitement and prefer laziness, but it’s time to change our routine and start to do more exciting things to rescue us from boredom.

1. Make your room: It’s hard to add excitement in your life if your life is a mess. Try cleaning and re-doing your room, and spice it up with some music to entertain yourself while cleaning. I assure you that you’ll get a Thank you from your mom! 

2. Change your morning routine: Instead of following the same routine every morning, try to shake it up a little. Get up 15 minutes earlier than usual and try having a nice breakfast. Maybe even go out jogging with your pet.  

3. Hangout: Call your friends and hangout in a new place, maybe try new adventures or even food. Just get out of your house. 

4. Have a new friend group: Try finding new, exciting people who live nearby, so you can have more friends and more hangouts. It’s sometimes better to find new friend groups.  

5. Learn something new: Study a new language, a new skill, or a new hobby. You will gain self-confidence and you’ll open the doors for new people to enter your life. 

6. Try a new recipe: When we get bored, we eat. And don’t tell me it’s just me. We all do that, right? But try cooking an unusual recipe that you’ve never tried before.  

7. Read a new adventure novel: When it comes to me, I like thriller and adventure types. You can enjoy the excitement in the novel, be so curious to find out what will happen, and learn new vocabulary.  

You won’t be bored if you have an exciting life. You’re the one who decides your life. You need to find ways to jazz up your vacation. Small and fresh changes can help you create a new outlook on life.