The Met Gala

There is no doubt that people await the annual Met Gala event with utter excitement and little less patience. Not only because it’s one of the most highly anticipated events that occur every year but also because of the astonishing, and at times questionable looks. Each year, the Met Gala sets a theme and supposedly, the attendees must follow it. Yes, there are always people who go astray but that happens everywhere, right? You’d think that because this is the Met Gala, an event observed and anticipated worldwide, they’ll at least abide by the theme, but no. In this article, we’ll talk about previous themes and ongoing ones. We’ll talk about interesting facts regarding the fabulous event and we’ll even talk about infamous Karl Lagerfeld.

One of the main things that makes the Met Gala so interesting and peculiar is that each year it has a different theme. Let’s refresh our memories and remember what last year’s theme was. In 2022, The Met Gala was extravagant and so was the theme. Last year’s theme was “Gilded Glamour” in which they called it the ultimate theme party and it sure was one. That year’s theme left room for people to go above and beyond and we definitely saw some spectacular designs. With specific instructions to wear white-tie attire—a very traditional formal version of evening dress, which can include floor-length ball gowns, black pants with matching jackets, or coats with tails that hit the back of the knee—guests on the Met Gala 2022 red carpet put their own spin on the splendour of the Gilded Age. Now let’s jump to this year’s Met Gala. 2023’s theme was a bit more defined. This year’s theme was “Karl Lagerfeld: a line of beauty.” which is meant to celebrate the full work and life of Karl Lagerfeld. So accordingly, the dress code was “in honour of Karl.” As Lagerfeld designed for many fashion houses—including eponymous brand, Patou, Balmain, Chloé, Fendi, and Chanel—attendees had no shortage of inspiration. Karl definitely took the fashion industry into a whole new level, that’s something we can never in a million years deny. But nobody is perfect and especially not Karl Lagerfeld. Let me tell you why. (TW) there’s lots of proof that Karl spoke too much about people’s appearances and that he called Adele “too fat” and that he once said in an interview that Coco Chanel was a feminist because she “wasn’t ugly enough for that.” Karl hated immigrants and often said rude things about them, how he was grateful for the holocaust and how he admitted that “the best thing Germany invented was the Holocaust.” There were also minor things that annoyed Karl such as people wearing pink and because of that reason, many celebrities “protested” by wearing pink at The Met Gala this year. Some of those who chose to, not so subtly, shade Karl were Ashley Graham, Viola Davis, Sydney Sweeny, and Gwendoline Christie who all wore Karl’s least favourite colour which is pink.

However, many celebrities followed the event and wore stunning pieces in order to honour Karl. The most internet breaking looks were the ones in the honour of Karl’s beloved cat, Choupette. Two celebrities opted for the cat look; Doja Cat, Jared Leto who wore a full-on costume of Karl’s cat. Then we have Dua Lipa who wore a white and black tweed ballgown from Chanel, the same design that Claudia Schiffer wore for the fall 1992 couture collection. Karl’s signature look was black and white and thus many celebrities at the met gala opted for that and they sure nailed it. Bella Ramsy in a pearl-covered Thom Browne suit and Bad Bunny who wore Chanel’s flower -the camellia- with a white suit and a flowered train by Jacquemus. Then we have Elle Fanning Vivienne Westwood gown that paid homage to one of her first meetings with Lagerfeld, when he placed a flower crown on her head for a photoshoot and Michaela Coel in a celestial Schiaparelli gown that was inspired by Lagerfeld’s costume jewellery creations. There were also some men who slayed at the met gala while honouring Lagerfeld such as A$AP Rocky who paid homage to a famous Lagerfeld look in a plaid kilt and jacket by Gucci and Conan Grey in a pearl-covered suit and one of Karl’s iconic accessories, the fan.

Let me wrap up this article with some interesting facts about the Met Gala. It’s mainly an invitation.  The ticket for the Met Gala ranges from $30,000 to $50,000 and this year’s tables cost about half a million. But rarely does anyone buy tickets . Celebrities, young designers and politicians are usually guests of big brands and even though companies buy tables for the night, it seems that they still need Anna’s approval for each guest and their outfit. Another interesting and weird fact about the Met gala is that it is not allowed for celebrities to take selfies, nobody knows why but it was made by Anna Wintour in 2015 and has lasted ever since. The Met Gala sure is one of the most awaited events every year. And every year, it completely shocks us with its theme and wondrous fashion. So, let us know in the comments who you thought the best dressed celebrity was.

Writer: Habiba Suleiman
Editor: Mariette