Time Stood By

Writer: Hania Mostafa

Editor: Doaa Saady

There are some moments in which we feel like everything froze around us and time stopped.

When she was sitting next to a campfire eating marshmallows with a blanket wrapped around her and her hair set free, flying around her from the wind, time stood by.

When she was sitting on the beach at 5 am watching the sunrise while talking to her favorite person and listening to her favorite music, time stood by.

When she was sitting in the airport café drinking coffee and waiting for her plane so she can go see the world, time stood by.

When she was standing on top of the mountain she just hiked and realized that she crossed one item off her bucket list, time stood by.

When she stood in front of an artwork and dove inside it with her heart and soul feeling all the emotions it’s conveying, time stood by.

But time doesn’t stand still only in the exceptionally happy moments right?

Sometimes you feel like the world around you stopped and you’re the only one standing. You try to process the moment, understand whether it’s even real, but then you get struck by reality when the world resumes again.

When the doctor came out and told her that they lost a person she loves, time stood by.

When he asked to meet her quickly and was struck by him saying “I can’t continue in this relationship. It has become a burden”, time stood by.

When she was struck by loneliness at midnight and started crying silently into her pillow, time stood by.

When she found out that one of her closest friends betrayed her trust, time stood by.

The concept of time is so changeable when you think about it. How fast time passes depends on how much burden you’re carrying and how much peace you have. However, sometimes we fail to process some events in our lives, we deny them, even if for either a minute or a week. During this time, you feel like you’re the only person in the world and the concept of time fails to exist for you.