How to: Stay Healthy on a Budget.

Writer: Hanna Khalid

Usually fast foods are considered to be a little cheaper than healthy and organic foods. Yet, some people manage to make it through while being on a tight budget. So, here are ways to stay healthy without butchering your wallet.

1)  Cook at home: usually buying your healthy meals from outside might contain foods you dislike and it might be a bit pricey, but cooking your own food is going to make you decide what specific ingredients you want to add, as well as making it less pricey.

2)  Cook Large Portions and use your leftovers: this process will save you so much time and money, so you don’t get to cook every day when you’re not feeling like it.

3)  Don’t shop while you’re hungry: usually when you’re hungry you’re looking forward to buy more than what you actually need, making you spend more money.

4)  Buy Whole Foods: buying a whole block of cheese or anything else as a whole is better than getting the smaller portions of it, as it saves you way much more money.

5)  Stop Buying Junk Food: Try skipping the junk. That will help you invest more on healthy foods.

6)  Stock up On Sales: follow up with sales to comfortably buy healthy and organic foods with cheaper prices.

7)  Buy cheaper cuts of meat: that’ll help you in buying large, inexpensive cuts of meat with cheaper prices.

8)  Use Coupons: coupons are given as gifts from different places and are great when you need to save some cash.

9)   Buy frozen foods: grocery stores always sell frozen foods for lower prices, as they’re also sold in larger scales which saves a whole lot of money.