9 Health Tips for a complete Makeover

By: Hanna Khalid

Photographer: Saeed Yousef

*Remember: it takes about 20 days to create or stop a habit.* Keep that in mind, it’ll be really easy to follow these steps as they are simple and helpful.

Let’s Start Easy:

1) Make Your Bed As Soon As You Get Up; it is a really easy and simple task to do the moment you wake up, it will make you feel like you started your day a little bit more productively.

2) Drink Water; this is something that everyone might recommend when speaking about a topic concerning health. Drinking water helps you lose weight, in addition to clearing up your skin. You won’t really have to suffer from pimples on your face, since water flushes down all the toxins in your body.

3) Tell Yourself Something Positive Every day; try looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself that you love yourself, or that you look great. You will feel more confident and it will be a good boost to your self-esteem.

4) Put Electronics Away and Set a Timer for at least an Hour; try keeping yourself away from your phone, or any electronics. Do something different: like reading a book, or writing down whatever you have in mind, maybe even set your goals. This will keep you motivated.

5) Make Plans with Your Friends; or even try making new friends. It always feels good speaking to someone about several topics. It doesn’t matter if you text, call, or hangout with someone interesting, as long as you’re having fun. You will feel a lot happier that you shared your feelings with someone else.

6) Workout At Least 4 Times A Week; You don’t have to exhaust yourself, but staying active for at least 20 minutes a day is very important.

7) Meditate; specify time in your day to relax in peace. Listen to calming music, and breathe.

8) Avoid Processed Foods (Junk Foods); try replacing junk foods with healthy foods. If you’re craving a snack, don’t grab a bag of chips, instead, try eating some green apples.

9) Decrease Your Coffee Intake; try replacing it with green tea. Green tea decreases cancer risks, in addition, it’s loaded with nutrients helpful for your body.

*Don’t just consider this a diet; consider it a healthy makeover for your life.”