5 Outing Ideas for this Eid

Writer: Marwan Mohammed

As much as it’s sad to say goodbye to the holy month, we have to say it, and we need to start welcoming the Eid. The Eid: that time where you finally feel like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders and that you can finally go out and return to your normal mode. So I’ve put together a list about how you could enjoy your Eid days, so keep reading!

Nile Cruise

A good way to spend your day in the Eid is to go out and book a Nile cruise. Going on a Nile cruise is a good way to feel the Eid’s spirit, for you’ll be out surrounded by water, greens, beautiful sights, loud music, and having fun with your friends or family. Tell me about a better way to spend a morning, I’ll wait!

The Pyramids

The pyramids would make a great spot to spend a day in, yet it’s going to be a little crowded—I can’t say it isn’t. But if you can get over it, you’re going to have a day well spent, filled with memories and laughs, and good photos to step up your Instagram game too. You can do lots of stuff in the pyramids you can go ride a camel, take a walk around the sphinx, or go into the pyramids and do a lot more!

A Walk In Downtown Cairo And Qasr El-Nile Bridge

We all have been to the mesmerizing streets of downtown Cairo, and we took a moment to admire the beautiful view from Qasr El-Nile bridge, right? You can have a nice walk in the streets of downtown Cairo with your friends. You can eat, take photos, or do whatever you want, and on the way back, you should stop by the Qasr El-Nile bridge and take a breath full of the fresh air, clear your mind, and enjoy the view.

Street Foods Again!

I’m pretty sure that during Ramadan you didn’t eat the Egyptian street foods we always love and enjoy like sgo2 and kebda, hawawshi, koshare, mombar, and many more, so a good way to spend a day (or a night) during Eid for you foodies out there is to go and buy your favorite street food, and sit on your favorite “ahwa” and enjoy the foods you love and miss!

Escape Room

So you’re not a foodie? You’re not into walks? You don’t want to take a Nile cruise or go to the pyramids? Well, don’t worry! I got you covered. Another good Eid outing idea is to gather with your friends or family and go to an escape room. Escape rooms are basically these places where you get locked up, and you’re given clues and hints about how you’re going to find your way out of the room in a given period of time. If you succeed before the time, you win. Don’t forget that you wouldn’t have made it without the help of the ones you chose to go with you into the room, so after winning, you guys (and girls) might wanna go eat or have some drinks to celebrate your latest accomplishment. So you can find a café or a fast food place nearby to celebrate and enjoy the rest of your outing.So these were five outing ideas I thought you guys would enjoy during Eid days; you can be inspired by them, too, to come up with your own Eid outing ideas. The most important thing is that you go out there and enjoy those festive Eid vibes.