Writer: Nada El Nady

Photographer: Dina

I’m tired, I’m sick;

I die with every tick.

I’m angry, I’m vexed;

Don’t try and act perplexed.

I’m gloomy, I’m sad;

I feel it, it’s so bad.

I’m damaged, I’m hurt;

Why’s your reply so curt?

I’m wounded, I’m aching;

My body is thoroughly shaking.

I’m broken, I’m fractured;

You always keep me captured.

I’m timorous, I’m fearful;

My face is solely tearful.

I’m sorrowful, I’m shattered;

All my feelings are scattered.

I’m callous, I’m soulless;

I’m surely, utterly hopeless.

I’m surviving, I’m living,

Yet I’m still unforgiving.

I’m knowing, I’m learning:

To the past, my back is turning.

I’m recovering, I’m healing;

Oh my, I love this feeling.

I’m cured, I’m mended;

The pain has finally ended.