Sweet Sins

Writer: Nayirah Salem

       Why do we Sin? Or maybe the question should be “What is a sin?” Better yet, “Is every wrong deed a sin?”Sins have been a common occurrence ever since humanity existed. The first sin was when Satan refused to bow to Adam, the second sin was when Adam ate the apple, and the third sin was when Adam’s son killed his brother. As time passed, our society forgot what a sin is;they nowadays link sins to big, horrible issues only, and they consider all other things simple mistakes. What people forgot is that a sin is anything opposing a law of our daily life. Even philosophers in our current age can’t place an exact meaning to the word ‘sin’.  

     Let’s start by clarifying that a sin is totally different from a mistake. When people dismiss any sinful action asa simple mistake, this only means that they’re just avoiding responsibility, because having the courage to face your sins is not something anyone can do. Butdismissing these sins as “something out of my control” is much easier. It is sad to see that people nowadays minimize their sinful behaviors by calling them mistakes. 

      Now let’s answer the question: “Why do we sin?” For example, lying is a sin. It’s an abuse of your own mentality before it’s an abuse of others’. Because when you lie, you stress yourself about who will catch you lying, about who believed and who didn’t. But what might push a person to lie? Maybe because the truth was harder to say, sometimes because a lie hurts less than the truth, or maybe because the truth itself is a lie that a person lived and believed so it became a part of theirpersonality. Any of these aren’t excuses for lying, but they are reasons as to why people commit this sin.  

      Dealing with your sins should be done in steps. Which are: 1. Taking responsibility for your actions, 2.Feeling guilty when sinning, 3. Asking for forgiveness, and 4. Trying to fix your behaviors. There are people who find all these steps hard to follow, particularly steps 1 and 4.

       Admitting guilt is kind of a gift from God, simply because forgiveness wouldn’t exist without guilt. In addition, if a sinner never felt guilty, he’d never admit his wrong deeds, so he won’t ask for forgiveness and then no forgiveness would be found. So, it is very normal to regret and to admit you feel guilty sometimes, because the sooner you will the faster the problem will be resolved, the sooner you will be forgiven, and the more peaceful your mind will be.  

        Changing your attitude is not easy at all. You can’t change your direction on a lost ship without a compass. People aren’t able to change in a second. Thisreformation process should take time and effort, and this person should keep in mind that deserts can’t turn into forests easily. 

        We all do sin, we all fall for sins and under sins, but what makes every one of us unique is how we deal with our sins. We live lives full of trails. No one was born a master, and we all should sin. We should keep in mind that if mistakes never existed, experience wouldn’t as well.