A Broken Mirror, a Floating Soul

Writer: Shahi Ahmed
Editor: Khaled Mohamed

It’s like you’re on top of a carnival, and the next moment you’re at the very bottom.  You’re screaming, but no one hears you. It’s like you’re watching your life from a window. You’re supposed to be the star actor, not the extra, nor an audience member. You are unsatisfied, but you don’t say so. You’re bleeding out, slowly.

You can’t but give in.

And moments before you wave that white flag in surrender and give in to the self-flagellation and depression. Before your subconscious eats your brain alive and sets the remains on fire, you see it, that unignorable hallow of a tremendous source of light. And you wonder where the star is, the star that shone so brightly  you couldn’t but close your eyes shut. Even so, you couldn’t fight your curiosity any longer. You open your eyes to the sight of her. Your savior. Your knight in shining armour. 

But it’s strange, isn’t it? How similar her russet eyes are to yours, the beautiful birthmark she has that matches the one on your neck.   Suddenly, she waves her hand, and you look at yours, you find it waving too. You tilt your head to the side and so does she. And then you try to touch her, but when you do, your hands don’t feel her skin. Instead, they are met with a solid, smooth, surface. You’re frustrated, you want to touch her so bad and you keep banging on her figure, but you cannot touch her still. And when you became fuming with irritation, you hit her with your fist, and she shattered on the floor. Your knuckles were bleeding, but that didn’t matter. She wasn’t there behind the glass, but the glass was everywhere.  You saw her eyes on one of the shards lying on the floor.

You wondered again. Where was the light coming from? And suddenly, the realization hits you like a super bolt striking the water.     

It was you, all from the start. You are your savior, your heart is the source of the glooming light that guides your way, your hands are untied, and you, at last, become the hero of your own story. 

Some do not care to know where the light comes from and what happened to that light making their life so dark. But they’ll have to break their mirror at some point in their life, and when they do, all the chains that were restraining their freedom will be no more. They will become whole, complete, enlightened and free.