The Struggle of Embracing the Unknown

Writer: Malak Mahmoud
Editor: Khaled Mohamed

When your mind first started ticking, you probably figured something out: there are so many invisible walls and society-built jails surrounding us. But here’s one thing that maybe you’re unaware (or probably pretending to be) of – sometimes you can imprison yourself.

The idea of leaving your comfort zone and embarking on new adventures is beautiful yet charged with hesitation and fear. You really want to do this particular thing so bad, but some inner force is pulling you back into your comfort zone.

These shaky steps are accumulated piles of judgment from others that lead you to judge and underestimate yourself too. Your tongue unconsciously spills out “no” and “I don’t feel like doing this” even though the innermost depths of you are dying to climb out of this abyss of canceled opportunities.

However safe and comfy and guaranteed refusing new things is, it never washes away this lingering aftertaste of guilt and feeling like you’ve let something precious go. You can’t help but wonder: “how much did I miss? ” and “what would have happened if I just said yes?”.

Untying yourself is a difficult mission – yet you have the full potential to accomplish it. When you go through this vague adventure you’ve been so curious about, you’ll learn something from it, even if it turned out to be rather disastrous. You’ll heal and be stronger and your mind and soul will be richer – remember that the bitterness of feeling like you’re missing out doesn’t easily fade away, if ever.

However, ripping off the gown of hesitation shouldn’t leave you completely barren. Hold on tight to your own standards which architect the very unique “you”. Saying yes more often doesn’t necessarily force you to accept things that you know will have negative repercussions later on. 

Your mind is your eternal best friend; always let things soak for a while in your brain but don’t let overthinking haunt you.

You deserve to be something you’re proud of, and pride always comes after epic battles.