Dear The One Who Healed My Scars

Writer: Mariam Hisham

Editor: Abdallah Sobhi

Dear the one who healed my scars,

Thank you. Thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me. If I thanked you for everything you’ve ever done for me, I would never finish. But thank you for loving me unconditionally. Thank you for loving me on my bad days before my good ones.

You were always there for me when all of them left. When everyone thought I was too broken to be loved and healed, you stayed and healed me. You healed me with your love. You healed me by reminding me every single day of how beautiful I am.

No one believed I had a chance to get up again, even me. You looked at me like I was art. All I could see when I looked at myself in the mirror was broken shattered pieces gathered together as a human. But you showed me how beautiful I am.

You made me believe that I deserve love, that I deserve fighting for. But, my love, what I don’t deserve is you. I don’t deserve someone who fights for me as much as you did. You even fought me for me. You fought me when I believed I don’t deserve anything in the world. You fought literally everyone who made me feel down. You mended all of my scars that I thought could never be mended. And the most beautiful thing you did is that you didn’t hide them. You made them beautiful. You didn’t even change them. You just made them beautiful with your love—your pure love.

When I look at you, I feel thankful for my hard days. Because I had to go through my hard days to reach you. And if I went back in time, I would choose to live all of my hard days 100 times again just to reach you.

To all of those who love deeply, purely, and—overall—unconditionally: Thank you. Thank you for fixing the meaning of love that many people have ruined. Thank you for showing us what love really is. Actually, most people owe love, because they ruin its meaning by breaking people and playing with their feelings. But you, you are different. Love owes you, beautiful people.

So for this, I will try to play my part as perfectly as I can. I promise I will never let you down. You deserve someone better, but I will be someone better just for you. Because even when you didn’t owe me a thing, you stayed. You proved all of those who told me that you’d leave wrong. You surprised everyone, even me. Thank you for not changing me. Thank you for healing the scars you never caused. Thank you for staying.

Yours faithfully,

The one you healed