How it feels to have a Crush on someone

Writer: Nada Ahmed Moussa

Crushes. You can’t name someone who has never had them. We all have liked someone. We all have had times when we lay in bed at 4 a.m. wondering what that one person is doing at that moment, what if they’re up as well, wondering what WE are doing, and we smile at how silly of a thought it is and how silly it is to be a cause of happiness. We all have thought of someone first thing in the morning, checking our phones for maybe a simple “good morning” text that would make our day.  We all have stolen glances at someone without their notice, just studying them, admiring them from afar maybe. Cheesy as it sounds. Hell, it’s even a little creepy, but it is something we all have done, even if you do not want to admit it. We’ve all had someone in our lives, or maybe a dozen whose smiles meant the world to us.

I like to think of crushing as the first stage that steadies you before your fall into doom. By that I mean love. The good thing about that stage though, is that you’re basically just fooling around, you could brush it off if you wanted to. You’re not in love yet, so there really isn’t that much room for heartbreak. There isn’t much you could overthink about. One person takes up most of your thoughts, yes, but your world does not really revolve around them because you haven’t reached that point just yet. You’re hesitant. You have no idea whether that person likes you back or not, so you do not let yourself fall until you make sure it’s safe. Then, if it is, you let go, let yourself fall and it either goes pretty well and evolves into a happy and healthy relationship or you go downhill from that step. That might not be how it goes for people, but that is how it goes for me.

It does not really matter though, I believe the whole experience helps you grow in a lot of ways. If it goes downhill it does not really stop there, because you will, then, have more experience and you will learn from your past relationships and crushes. It will get better and you’ll evolve.