Parallel Universes

Writer: Mariam Ramzy

Editor: Abdulelah Ba Tarfi

I have ignored this question until I read a book called A Thousand Pieces of You. This book was a dystopian science fiction that was all about parallel universes. The first two chapters may scare some off, as they consisted of scientific information preparing the reader for the story. I have learned what parallel universes are in depth and in a way that no one could possibly understand if they didn’t read the book and its series.

 So basically parallel universes translate to universes that are found in the world. As we all know, we are living in a universe that has earth, other planets, galaxies, etc. Now, what if there are other universes that have other earths and planets? What if there are multiple earths where you made different choices that lead to a different life? Parallel universes may be real, as a faction of scientists are trying to open a portal so we could travel between universes. In Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, they are using a 95 megawatt nuclear reactor to fire billions of neurons that could possibly open this portal. They are planning to come up with a conclusion very soon.

 Are you aware of what we would be capable of doing if they do open a portal? In the book, they were already in the future when the door was open, but no one knew how to travel between these universes. A scientist and his wife created this device called Firebird that is put around the neck like a collar. This device enabled them to travel to other universes but with strict rules. Since you have a mirror self in every other universe you can not travel to universes where you died. In addition, you had to use a specific drug right after traveling so you can remember your identity. When you travel to another universe, you are replacing your other version by yourself. So “you” in the other universe will stay unconscious and won’t wake up until you leave his/her universe. In other universes, you have the same family, but friends and other people depend on the choices of the other version of yourself. For example, if you are interested in the arts here, you would probably be interested in something else somewhere else.

 This may be beneficial in some ways, but you have to think of the consequences. Do you think this technology would be allowed to public use? Do you think that it would even be revealed? Can this powerful device ever be created? What else can we do other than traveling if they open a portal? All these questions remain to an uncertain future….