Post-Ramadan Rituals

Writer: Rawan Elshiwy

It’s not a matter of question why the holy month of Ramadan, the month characterized by kind acts people aspire to do and it’s craaaaazy celebrations and family gatherings(and hysterical over-loaded indulgence in western sweets), is the most awaited month of the year. Now, this is where the question finally kicks in. What do I do to value this serene 30-day-month worship? Pack your bags ladies and gentlemen, because we will be taking you on a ride revealing the most productive routine any of you can possibly follow and which will also grant you a peaceful mind! 

1- Make a Timed Schedule 

A little punctuality doesn’t hurt. For employees or housewives, it’s equally important you show up to appointments on time(don’t make fasting an excuse). It’s always more attractive if a person has a sense of time and respect to it. Also, it’s preferred you set alarms and divide your day on chores you want to accomplish like reading the holy Quran, praying in the mosque, or going to the physician.

2-Balance the Scale

As the month of Ramadan launches its huge obligations and calls of duty to Muslims, it’s majorly critical to learn how to balance the scale, or more specifically manage the biological and spiritual end of things. While it’s necessary to take a change on developing your religious rituals, it’s just as important to keep your body healthy and in shape. So, it’s recommended that while you contemplate nature and praise Allah, to drink a glass of fresh, icy water and keep yourself hydrated(after iftar of course). For every act of faith, there should be an act of health in return. Health and Spirit come hand in hand.

3-Don’t Miss Out on the Fun 

Intense worship doesn’t mean abandoning your passions, or things you whole-heartedly enjoy doing and excel at. It’s perfectly okay to make time for your hobbies, the gym, reading, or most commonly watching especially Ramadan- made series. These series have another taste, and we all tend to have a strange likelihood attraction to them. It’s acceptable to consider carrying out those activities in the scared month, but make sure not to overdo them in procrastination of prayer or as a way to pass time and disregard the required chores. 

4-Don’t act like a Stuffed Bear

Now we know fasting can be a very exhausting process and can cause many severe cases of hunger and thirst in some foodies, but you should know that fasting has a bountiful of positive effects on the human body, like miraculously ridding it of toxins. When madfa3 el iftar announces the start of the feast, don’t over drink. We’re not camels here. Trust me, your body will thank you for this later in the day for it won’t be swollen like Tom had his tummy leak gallons of water in Tom and Jerry.

5-Dedicate a sprinkle of Gentleness Everyday

Kindness doesn’t cost a penny(or whatever your currency is.) Rather simply, kindness is a sincere act of empathy, driven by the universal feeling of humanity. Humanity demands that we stand hand in hand and feel each other’s sorrows. That is the sole reason of Ramadan. Next time you see a beggar on the street, give away a plate of food, clothes (whether old or new), a respectful amount of money, and make sure that it’s exactly what you’d want for yourself and even more. And voila, here you have your magical Holy Month of Ramadan!