The Significance Behind the Word “Love”

What a great day!

Love could be one of the purest emotions creatures have experienced, I mean every word, not only humans can love but also animals and plants. Love is like an energy that you send and because of it, the receiver would feel blessed. Love is, of course, an I2I relationship where two individuals love each other at the same amount, that’s a perfect relationship that rarely exists.Love by any means is not an illusion because love exists somehow in many different forms. I believe love is a subconscious need or a call based on the feeling of “connection.”

Most of the relationships go on, for just one reason, caring! This tiny word includes so many big actions. There’s an unwritten agreement that love is the only witness, according to it, couples ignore the flaws found in each other, do you believe in the quote that says: Love is Blind! To me, love is like a filter that allows you to notice the good traits in your buddy, you know he/she is not perfect but you feel perfect with him/her.

Innocence and Purity are the main characteristics of love, that’s why I think ancestors made Cupid in the form of a baby with angel wings. Getting closer to this person is not for materialistic reasons, but for having a good day by letting your sight touch his/her face, making your laughs combine together, and dissolving some sweet words in each others’ daily coffee.

I think there are signals that you’re in love, like symptoms but in a good way, I claim that some of them are inherited from our ancestors and others should be more developed according to the person and time he’s living at. Some people check out their WhatsApp chats with their lovers for no reason, it feels like Honey, I’m home, let’s talk.

Here’s the dangerous thing. Love is like an addiction, it releases a amount of dopamine hormone, that’s why we feel happy whenever we feel love towards someone or feel loved. This dopamine we used to consume is cut off whenever a breakup happens, here we suffer the challenges that a drug addict faces in a rehabilitation center. What else makes you happy? A chocolate bar could be perfect for me.

As a personal experience, I fell in love with some places, I feel that I need to go there for no obvious reason, Do you fall in love with objects and places? or it’s just me?

Tell your lover how much do you love him/her! and If you still have a crush, 14th February would be a great day to confess. No time to lose, kid!