The Journey of Healing

Writer : Nesrina Ahmed

 Life gets tough and darkness takes over. You think it is impossible to survive, that you will always be stuck in that hell and, you start losing hope. I will gladly tell you that, You will survive. You won’t be stuck in this hell and you will regain hope.

Have you ever heard of the quote that says, “I am my problem, but also my solution.”? It mostly sums up what I am going to tell you now. It starts and ends with you. Only you can destroy yourself or build your strength.

        The journey of healing starts with self-acceptance. It is one of the most crucial steps in your journey. You need to accept your fears and acknowledge them since ,after all, we all have our own fears and it should never be a shame that you have any. It is okay to be scared of your basement, to fear heights, water or tight spaces! Your fears never count as ridiculous. Don’t ever be ashamed of your mistakes, because everyone has tons of stupid ones and regrets. Don’t let them get in your way and no, you are not a loser. One failure does not define what you are capable of achieving.

        I can sense your negative thoughts from here! Get rid of them immediately, please.

   Step number two; try to replace your rotten and negative thoughts with flowery positive ones instead . Your thoughts control your vision of this world; if they are pessimistic and negative then your whole world will be, too. They prevent you from seeing and noticing the beauty that surrounds you which makes it hard for you to actually heal and mend your mind. For your sake, whenever you put your hands on a negative thought, dismiss it. Instead of mourning about how unfair the world is or its beauty that fades every passing day, think of something that makes you happy or people that you care for. Do something you are devoted to and do not lose to your dark thoughts.

    When you find judgmental people, RUN. If there is someone who likes to spread hatred and negativity, step out of the picture.

Step number three, avoid ungrateful humans. These people have a huge effect on the pictures you form in your head and they gradually affect your persona and before you know it, you are one of them! Gratitude is necessary for survival. If you create a great set of company filled with grateful and kind people naturally that will change your whole vision for this world and unconsciously, you will be able to capture the best in everything.

     You cannot run away from your problems, can you? The fourth step and the last is you facing your problems and putting on your coat of bravery. We are not born brave or fearless, but if you do not deal with your problems, they will always be there to haunt you. Take a deep breath. You are capable to find the solutions for your own problems through several ways such as taking your friends’ and families’ insights. Always look for the base of the problem and start working from there.

   Believe in yourself and have faith in god. Beautiful things are yet to come and trust me the sun will shine nice and bright again. You will be alright. Everything will be okay.