Dark Summer and Angry Blues

Wave after wave came crashing at me
After me
As if chasing me
Deep blue water engulfed me
Left and right,
any way I look I see blue
I see a turquoise hue
I will the waves to still
To slow down so that I can breathe
I seethe
What is it with nature?
Can’t I enjoy the summer or its breeze?
Why can’t I find peace?
Some relief?
The scorching sun glares at me
The waves once again creep towards me
Swallow me
And I,
I just wonder what is it with nature?
Why can’t I enjoy a summer’s breeze?
Why does the sun glare at me?
Why do the waves swallow me?
Is it me? Is it them?
Am I being punished or isn’t it about me?
Unanswered questions swarm my brain
Who is at fault here?
Do I have a right to complain?
Or should I just suck my pain?