My Love Feels Like Poison

Writer: Mariam El Sanabary

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

My love feels like poison.

It will seep into your veins and make you numb

To the darkness of the world and all of what you’ve seen

To cruelty in the world and your empty routine

Life will pump into your days

Your grin will expand all day

Then, you’ll find me in every corner

You’ll remember my coffee order

You’ll watch movies that remind you of me

And a little song that represents what you are to me

You’ll continue your morning texts even if I disappear

You’ll wait for me to hold you near

I am the only thing that’ll make you feel free

Utter your sins as a prayer

I’ll peel off each layer

Till you’re asleep with your heart in my palm

I’ll tread softly, don’t fear

But forgive me if someday I am not here

Believe me, it’s not by my will

My heart aches whenever it wills

Breaking, tearing, shattering every bone

As if I am not a human being that needs a home

Can you tread softly and embrace my fear?! 

And when I come back close to your body as if I have never left,

Welcome my poison because it’s all I have left.

My poison feels like love.