Mother Nature is an Ice Queen

Writer: Mary Obrikis

The following poem is written by Mary Obrikis, one of our Holiday Competition Winners!

Every year I forget

What winter is really like.

It lasts so long,

But as soon as that first leaf

Springs from a long-baren branch

And that first sneeze lets me know

The long ordeal is over…

I forget.

I imagine it’s a coping mechanism

And that we must all have it

Or why do we stay here?

Maybe the change of seasons

Gives us more than we think.

It forces us, in all our technological glory,

To remember the world outside,

To honor the nature around us…

even when it’s trying to kill us.

We opt instead for a protection spell of sorts,

A ritual-in-spite that comes

with the first freezing temps,

the first accumulations.

This ritual requires time

and attention

along with many tools:

The hat, the scarf, the gloves and boots…

Lucky if you don’t need

            long johns and snow pants, too.

A carefully orchestrated concert of warmth

Insulating you

for the ten second walk to the car…