Writer: Tuur Verheyde

The following poem is written by Tuur Verheyde, one of our Twitter Competition Winners!

On this most hallowed day,
As I gaze into the vaulted sky,
To thy magnificence I pray,
Mistress of the unseen eye.
As trees shed their gilded skin,
Thus ornament the woodland’s floor,
I whisper to the voice within,
That echo of the days of yore.
Great Goddess, I serve thy many names,
Thy many forms; Maiden, Mother, Crone,
Endow us with thy healing flames,
Cleanse darkness from flesh and bone.
As the woods become golden halls,
During day emblazed with light,
And when the shadow falls,
Black mazes of the night,
May thy realm know no bounds,
During this most hallowed feast.
May thy blessing caress the grounds,
And guard both Man and Beast.

May the kind-hearted, those human Flowers,
Receive protection as a gift,
And in return, for countless hours,
Our hearts to the stars we lift.
We live to shine, as thou hast shone.
We live to spread thy glistening grace,
Bring love to all, and harm to none.
Nature’s path we all embrace.
Great Goddess, such is my request,
The safety, health of those I love.
May the kind and good, at my behest,
Receive many blessings from above.
I kneel humbly before thy sight,
And hereby end my plea:
Hallowed be this day and night.
Hallowed be thy name and might.
May all be blessed. Blessed be!