Christmas is now a Ghost

Writer: Carson Sandell

The following poem is written by Carson Sandell, one of our Holiday Competition Winners!

Rising to the scent of pine

Like steam from Dad’s coffee

And I bolt towards the tree

Eyes larger than Starlight mints

The presents, wrapped tight,

How I used to be tucked in

And the bow delicately taped

How Mom used to kiss my head

The stockings, overflowing,

With Red Vines or Milky Ways

And books buried at the bottom

Dad saved the best for last

Gifts syncopated my soul

But the genius of blending

Red and green lights

Played my heart as a harp

Silver and gold tinsels

Like scarves around necks

Mixed with shimmering orbs

Dangling like expensive earrings

The star, an angel, prettier

Than God’s galactic gallery

Oh how I hope someone sees me

The same way I view that angel