Why You Should Attend Traverse’s 8th Edition

Traverse is the biggest high schoolers summit in the MENA Region and it is taking place this November on the 24th and 25th! If you are a high schooler, Traverse is definitely your zone. In this article, we have highlighted a couple of reasons why you should be attending this round!

  1. Network, Network, and Network Some More

Traverse is one of the biggest networking events. You’ll meet a tremendous amount of high school students who share the same interests as you and even build new friendships. With the activations team on ground helping you connect with one another, be certain that you will leave the event with multiple valuable connections!

  1. All Your Future Universities In One Place

The event provides you with the opportunity to speak to multiple university representatives all at one place! You’ll find universities like MIU, ESLSCA, AUC, AAST, EUI, The European Universities in Egypt, University of Prince Edward Island, University of Hertfordshire and more! You can get the chance to even apply early!

  1. A Chance To Build Your CV 

You will get the opportunity to apply for multiple internship opportunities as well as fun student activities that can help you build your CV! 

  1. Listen to Your All-Time Favorite Role Models

Traverse’s stage hosts an engaging environment that will expose you to different opportunities and entertaining performances! This year, you get to hear Nouran El Banan, Yousef Soudan, Disco Misr, Jeida El Kersh and more inspiring speakers share their journey with you to help you make an informed decision. 

And finally, Traverse is simply a memorable experience. One that you’ll never forget whatsoever. Traverse will not be taking place again until November of 2024, so seize your chance and get your tickets now through traversesummit.com