The melancholy artist

This type of artist is especially present in all of us, but some people have this persona more prominent in them than others. If you’re a singer, then you surely don’t cover for anyone other than Lewis Capaldi (maybe Billie Eilish if you were in a good mood). As a writer or songwriter, heartbreak and unrequited love are the main topics of your songs. The main lead always seems to die if you’re writing a short story, and surely, your poems always have this fatal twist at the end. Most of the pictures you capture as a photographer are those of wilted flowers and rainy days, and if you’ll be editing the picture, then that would be to add a reddish-black hue that makes the picture darker (not surprising right?). If you’re a painter, then mostly expect skulls and rose thorns. A graphic designer? Not any different. Maybe a very VERY dark tunnel? Or a face dripping blood? We’ll let your imagination set off from here.