Chained Identity

Writer: Sara Mohammed

Who would you be if your parents were of another nationality? Who would you be if you never cared or paid attention to what people thought of you? Would you still be the person you are today? Would it really be you? I doubt it.


Society has taken the shape of an insuperable cage; limiting and blocking the blooming flowers of spring; guiding them down into a never-ending, yet not invincible whole; trapping their vivid, yet unseen colours in an unsurpassed facade of darkness. There are rules that you need to follow, otherwise, you would neither be tolerated nor respected for how distinctive and unique you are. 


They set limits that in reality never existed, just so that the next generations are “decent” or “presentable enough”. Acceptance and understanding are a nonexistent part of their vocabulary. They expect their grandchildren to go along the same path as their own, not even taking into consideration that they never wanted a pre-written life; that they never wanted the -by their ancestors- chosen way, but a new one full of light and modernity; a way that suited their new generation, but they never were considerate with changes. 


They are taught how to put on masks and told how to behave; taunted to be everyone, but themselves, and are thereby being chained to the ground, while their dreams of touching the painted clouds of the beautiful sunset are being destroyed, lying in ashes next to their feet. A jail is becoming the home to our beloved children. One after one we volunteer to cross a bridge breaking down behind our backs, leading to a place we may never get out of. Families are being separated by persecution, what have we become? When will the sight of the blind finally be cleared of the years’ old dust? Will this situation ever change? No, not until we take a step forward, hand in hand, to break these senseless walls of society. Your complaints will not change the world, nor will your anger and fear of not being accepted; it is your actions and words that make a change. Be the hero each and everyone has patiently been waiting for. Cross the first milestone to a better world. Create a new hope for innocence. Build a new home.