The randomly inspired artist

This type of artist has a brain that never seems to calm down. The level of inspiration in their blood is always soaring, and they never seem to sleep without hugging their notebooks to their chests (or having them or their phones ready on their bedside table). It is either that their notes app has more than a 400 open notes, or they always go around with their “I will jot down my ideas in you” materials. They find writing ideas or song lyrics and inspirations in their every day experiences and encounters. They mentally capture pictures of whatever they see throughout their day so that they could paint it later, or they just have their cameras ready and capture the pictures on spot (as photographers). They never seem to get 4 full hours of sleep without jolting out of sleep and noting down the details of their very short-lived dream so that they can have it come to life later in whatever physical means, and they go to sleep only to repeat the overall process again. In short, if you ever see an artist who constantly walks around with a notebook, don’t even ask them about their dark circles; what you just read is probably the reason why.