With All Due Respect

Writer: Nesrina Ahmed

Arguments and disagreement happen all the time; every two seconds you’ll be able to spot a few fights here and there.

Especially on social media.

     People on social media feel free to express their opinions over any post they stumble upon, sometimes expressing their thoughts so freely that it genuinely hurts some people.

     The most ridiculous thing about disagreements on social media is that those people don’t know each other and therefore have no respect for one another. Some even start throwing a bunch of insults and slurs at the ones they disagree with. What gives them the right to do so? Absolutely nothing. They don’t realize that they’d never throw such hateful comments at a stranger (or friend) face-to-face. They don’t realise that they would never barge in on a stranger’s conversation and attack him for his views.

     Disagreement should have its manners, even on social media. If you simply don’t agree with someone’s comment or post, then be as polite as possible and don’t straight-up insult him. Express yourself and explain your point of view, but without acting as if it’s a 100% correct, because then you’d be disrespecting the other person’s views completely.

     Social media is flooded with millions of differing opinions, and so fights break out constantly. For example, when Disney decided to cast a black actress as Ariel in the new live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, thousands of people attacked one other for disagreeing on whether the actress was fit for the role or not. And here started a dumpster fire on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Everyone started posting their opinions and thoughts about the matter, everyone attacked and was attacked for their opinions, and so on.

     They just need to know: that’s not how this works.

      That’s not how you argue with someone. That’s not how you express your opinions on social media.

     I believe that social media is supposed to bring us closer together. We can use it to explore what we cannot reach, like other people’s opinions and experiences. We are supposed to study others’ points of view AND respect them. Because we’re here to learn and not attack. We should use social media to explore, not destroy.

    Respect one another. Respect one’s brain. Respect every single opinion that comes out from anyone’s head.