Breaking Your Own Heart

Writer: Nayirah Salem

Editor: Khalid Mohammed

Sometimes we create our own heart break through certain actions we take without considering the consequences. Sometimes we plant the seeds for our worst disappointments, leading to the most painful heartbreaks ever. This sad story starts by you putting such high expectations on a thing or person. We always hear “I expected you to do so” or “I didn’t expect you to do so” in fights or arguments.
Expectations are the start of every crack in someone’s heart. I assume that every one of us can relate to the pain of expectations. I also assume that every one of us can remember staying home for days after such a heartbreak, wondering how foolish they must have been to expect such things. But we can’t sit there blaming people for disappointing us and not blaming ourselves for putting so many expectations on someone. Nobody is an angel. Nobody is 100 % trustworthy enough to put your heart into their palms and expect them to take care of it. If you stop putting so much expectations on people, you’ll take away their power to hurt you.
Expecting things to happen hurts more than expecting things from people. Because when you expect something like that you start thinking of it as your dream. And the feeling of not achieving your dreams, failing, is the worst feeling ever. Suddenly every dream you’d built up in your imagination is torn down, and the future seems a lot dimmer.
Nothing is worth your heartache, nothing is worth your pain and tears. If you stop expecting, you’ll stop being disappointed. Then every moment of your life will be great and full of joy. Even if it didn’t go so well, at least you won’t feel as broken had you had expectations. Because at the end of it all, expectations are a cage that you put yourself in.