Men’s Mental Health

Writer: Mostafa Hanno

Editor and Graphic Designer: Maram Mohammed

Let’s spread the word about men’s mental health.

Men face problems; they face all the problems just as much as any other person you know. As a male, you acknowledge your misfortune and mishaps it as just life, ‘’you know these are the problems we all face.’’ But take a step back, have the humility to talk about it, and be introspective. We don’t want you to think of your problems as problems, but as of symptoms to a bigger issue: your mental health.

What if we told you that the moment you improve your mental health, you’ll see yourself motivated naturally, and able to engage in healthier relationships. Men, your mental health is underrated; it’s more influential than you can imagine. Hey man, everything we learn about happiness isn’t really true. The good body, the big house, the money, the ‘’Optimal” path set out for happiness, should it to make you happy? Will one who is unaware of what mental health means find happiness? Or would they simply move on to the next step: the even bigger house, the even better body? Don’t get me wrong, self-actualization in the material parts of life is good; it’s amazing. But, you won’t be happy until you find the right state of mind. Until you find a safe place where you don’t feel insecure, anxious, tired, guilty, angry, detached, and angry. When you find peace within yourself, and only then will you find peace in the world around you.

How are you supposed to feel happy, and fulfilled if most of your thoughts are negative? How do you expect to be satisfied? Sometimes you daze off and daydream, overthinking it all. You find yourself detached and drifting off, and your thoughts are usually negative thoughts too, aren’t they? Don’t you think that affects how you feel? And more to that, how you progress and manage time and motivation. Also, good motivational thoughts, like those of “I need that” and “I have to do that”  are not the best for you, they indicate a lack of something, a condition for happiness. As we indicated, happiness demands more than that. The truth is that happiness comes from kindness, gratitude, and a feeling of social connection. It takes humility off oneself to learn how to get better, and take this article as a chance to learn.

Gratitude, is a choice, you can choose to be more grateful, and kindhearted. Just as it’s a choice to be more resentful and angry. It’s a decision to be sad, or to work on it and be happy.

A baseline is needed to begin working on mental health. But if you feel your thoughts are inescapable and imprisoning, seek out knowledge on mental health and how to get over your trauma. As men, it’s quite difficult to admit the need for help. Understandably, it’s complicated how we feel, but you’re no less of a man for admitting what needs healing, and no less of a man for wanting better mental health as with that health you’ll achieve your goals, and isn’t that the manliest of all things?

You’re no less of a man for admitting what needs healing, and no less of a man for wanting better mental health as with that health you’ll achieve your goals, and isn’t that the manliest of all things?

As a man, it is expected of you to conceal inner downfalls. “You’re a man aren’t you?” Society lets you down man, as well as not learning about it in the education system. It’s a tough time to be a male now, isn’t it? So be it then, learn about yourself and overcome. Here are some examples of what it could take and where to start finding the pillars of happiness.

How to Love Yourself:

We hope you’re ready for the boring answer: you need to be improving yourself in the long run. You’re supposed to delay gratification for your future self, and when that future self looks back, he will thank you kindly. It’s well known how to improve, it wouldn’t be a waste of time and unwise to speak the specifics, so set goals, have something to love yourself for, set goals, and get beyond any trauma. If you get there, no matter how hard, love for oneself will grow.

How to Become More Present:

We see online how meditation has helped people. How it done wonders and changed lives. So what’s the trick? The trick is not to overcomplicate it, but to understand what you’re doing. Meditation is like an exercise, an exercise to improve mindfulness and presence. You sit down and think of nothing. Every time you daze off in thought, return back to focus on breathing, or any small detail, even the sensation of the chair or floor, or wrinkles in your shirt could work! That’s how you gain presence: you practice being in the present in your mediation, and with time, you’ll suffice in being present in all your lively endeavors. And for the men, the very best men, the tribe leaders, and the most successful of men feel that present and flow, it really works.

How to be More Grateful and Optimistic:

Thoughts — they’re powerful. Some may think it’s weird, or out of place for a man to write down their feelings. Yet, these men who write down their feelings are the ones who can benefit the most. A man can use many methods to clear his mind and become more grateful. Firstly, gratitude writing, the science behind it is promising. It is quite simple: to start, take a pen and paper, and write down what you are grateful for. For example, “I am grateful for the laptop I can write down this article on” and “I am grateful for the call I had with my friend yesterday”. These will tend to make you happier and drive you to tackle any day with gratitude and passion. Also think of those who helped you through your journeys, even if that person brings you pain occasionally, be grateful for having them in your life and write them a letter of gratitude. Whether you give it to them or not is up to you. These are beautiful things that give you optimism. It would make you thankful. Indeed, it’s beautiful to grow. Do this again and again and you’ll eventually be grateful for the setbacks as well. Isn’t that beautiful?

Take this article as a sign to improve your mental health. It’s the manliest decision of all, so seek what is good for you, and ask around. Do your own research on how to improve your mental health. We hope this article acts as a good place to start.