Inner Peace

Writer: Mariam Elnakib

Editor: Nada Elnady

I think that if someone ever comes up to you and asks, “Hi, what do you know about inner peace?”, I’m pretty sure your response will be “Uhhh. Who’s that?” 

If you really think about it, we always had inner peace. We always knew what it was and how to find it until a certain point in life where everything just took a 360 degree flip, and it wasn’t the same again. That change could have been anything, such as a big fight with your sibling, losing a pet, or even something as simple as just growing up. Studies show that normal teenagers these days report more anxiety than child psychiatric patients in the 1950’s. Isn’t that insane? If you’ve read this far then you’re probably wondering how you can travel back in time to the 1950’s. Inner peace and mental stability are the main sources to a healthy, satisfied life, and they can be easily achieved by following a few simple steps noted here.

Drink water! Yes! Put some H2O in that body of yours, since water helps reduce stress and helps you focus more and think clearly (your brain is 85% water, so it can’t function properly if its dehydrated). 

Second thing to check off the list is working out. Go to the gym. Do any activity just get off that bed and out of that dark room. I’m talking out of personal experience. I’ve spent a good amount of time struggling with my mental health. I felt sad all the time for absolutely no reason, and all that changed when I started going to the gym. This is what I have to say about personal experience, but if we want to talk about the facts, regular exercise allows the release of serotonin in the brain, which is basically a hormone that controls your happiness, and over all, your well being.

Now that the physical part is out of the way, let’s get to the moral one. This is how I think about it (maybe others have different opinions but this is the one that sounds most logical to me): if something isn’t going to matter in 5 years, don’t worry about it more that 5 minutes.

Thank you for reading and see you in the next one!