You can also Sing

Writer: Nayirah Salem

Self-confidence is the best outfit any of us can ever wear; it matches with everything, fits with all styles, and goes with everyone. Remembering that you are enough is the decoration that designs your life. Sometimes, due to all the pressure, you seem to forget how wonderful and unique you actually are. Sometimes, inadvertently, you allow stress and pressure to tear your confidence, your self- esteem and courage until you totally hate doing anything, and you just try to escape from everything around you by sleeping or by being alone.

The next day, it will be worse and you will figure out that being alone doesn’t help. Well, what you have to do is to stop stressing over silly stuff, such as: whether or not you look like a T.V model, whether you should hide your smile in public because of your broken tooth, or if any of your friends truly like you. These things take up a huge space from your mind, put a huge load on you, and waste so much of your energy. This energy can be efficient in other useful work forms.

The first thing you have to do if you want to build your confidence is to feel satisfied with who you are; don’t always act as if you are the least amongst all. Stop comparing yourself to others, because I can assure you that those people who you are comparing yourself to are also comparing themselves to others. Simply, no one has it all. When you take a look at someone’s life from the top of a bridge, it’s definitely not the same as when you look at them from the basement floor. These people you are wasting your life stalking might seem to have it all; however, the truth is that they are stuck over other bridges and busy viewing other people’s lives as well. Therefore, when you look at people’s lives with a magnifying lens, you will notice that they are just “human beings”, normal human beings, living with lots bad and goods conditions, and guess what? They’re also probably suffering like you. You will find that their life is not as perfect as you previously thought.


It’s totally out of logic to waste your time thinking negatively. The negative thoughts that your mind forms out of imagination just drag you down and make you over-think about a fantasy that never happened, and you keep on wasting your time in negative issues. Well, note that your mind can be a very convincing liar. Your mind might show you the world upside down and convince you that this is how ugly your reality is; however, you can easily restate the true image by stopping the negativity. Negative thoughts are just negative thoughts that have nothing to do with reality, plus, they are exhausting and annoying, so why do you give so much power to or exert so much effort on negative ones when you can think positively and be better overall?


Zoom into your life’s details, study each one of them carefully as if you are about to be tested on them. I can assure you that you will find that there are many more rights than there are wrongs, and there is plenty of stuff that you can enjoy.  You will also find out that there are many things that you like about yourself and many things that make you elegant.

One of the most important things you should do is throwing your past behind you, and focusing on your now; learn new stuff that will help in shaping your happiness, do any activity that you think you is enjoyable. Another important thing: don’t bother thinking about your later because, to simply put it, you don’t know what will happen later. Just live your moment and enjoy it, feel fine with your “now “and skip the “later”.

Focus on your progress, instead of blaming yourself for messing things up. Keep in mind that convincing yourself that you’re a failure won’t make you a successful person. When you focus on your progress, you will find that life is much easier than you think; you will realize that you have many things to do and to enhance. Always remember that you are important with all your facets and quirks, even the silly ones.


If you build your confidence and help it grow, you will feel like you’re living on cloud nine. If you stop the negative thinking and welcome the positive one, you will reach the top of the world. We have been gifted this life to live it, not to hate it and stress about it. Feel enough because you were born enough. Always keep the positive hands up.