The Realest Nightmare

Writer: Shahi Ezz Eldin

Editor: Khaled Mohamed

You’re scared, you’re terrified 

You’ve been joking about death so often, been sharing memes about suicide, been wishing it unconsciously 


When death came around, you held on to life as if you just came alive 

You’re not ready to die, you’ve never really wanted to 

You start thinking about all the things you wish you had done 

All the things that were yet to come 

The experiences you didn’t get to live through  


You still want time 

You want to find the love of your life 

You want to graduate 

You want to enter the major you’ve dreamt of 

You want to read that book everyone recommended 

You want to travel the world 

You want to go to Disneyland 

You want to go to Disneyland with children of your own 

You don’t want to face him yet, you’re too scared to even mention his name 

You’re surrounded by negativity from social media 

You were once a telly addict 

Now you want to get as far as possible from any source of news

The rates are leaping

First 2 

Then 40 

One-hundred-sixteen and counting 

You find your self in quarantine 

You’ve never wanted to hug your loved ones as much as you do now 

You want to protect them from the attack 

You don’t want to be attacked 

Because you don’t want to be the reason they‘re in danger 

You wash away the germs 

But your terrors aren’t washed away, 

No matter how much you put them under running water

Your country is in an emergency state 

The president, with agony 

Tells you to hug one other tighter this night

When will be the end to this fright?

Then you wake up 

It was a nightmare  

The realest nightmare your bewitched mind ever projected 

You’re safe and sound 

Your children are in your arms

And you tell them with pride 

When I was your age, kids 

We used to study when the world was ending 

But it didn’t, because you were meant to survive 

You were meant to go through hell and back 

Just to feel the revenge 

From whom?

The one you’ve hurt the most 

You abused her, drained her, took her for granted, and slowly watched her bleed 

You watched the earth plead

So she asked for help 

The help came 

The lesson was taught 

A hard lesson for all of us 

But you went through the panic 

You stayed home 

Stayed safe

You reminisce the days of covid19 

And pray for the lost ones 

So here’s just a reminder from your future self 

You will get through this 

You always did 

But you need to hold up a little more

Fight a little harder 

So you can hug your loved ones tighter 

And realize that

Although it parted you far apart 

The virus was a unifier 

Right from the start