How to Get Over a Heartbreak

Writer: Madiha Konswa

I’m sure all of us were once heartbroken from friends, family, or just about anyone; it doesn’t always need to be a lover. Getting our heart broken isn’t as bad as it seems; in fact, it makes us grow and flourish as people and learn a lot of lessons. So here are five steps on how to get over a heartbreak.

Step #1: Let it all out

Let it all out! Whether you want to cry, scream in a pillow, rant about it to your best friend as you stuff your face with chocolate. DO IT! Do whatever makes you feel comfortable in your own way as you let it all out. There should be no specific way for you to grief. However, tell yourself that I’m doing all of this now such that I don’t do it again later on, and once you’re done, you’re done crying over it forever! 

Step 2: Distract yourself

Enjoy yourself! Go out with your friends and have a wild night, go exercise, binge watch movies at night! Just do anything you love that’ll distract you from the pain and the ongoing thoughts that always surround you once you’re alone. Also, make sure to use this opportunity to focus on yourself more!

Step 3: Block the memories

Stop thinking non-stop about the past, for it’s over . It’s over! What happened already passed, so why are you still bringing it up today? If you catch yourself playing memories in your head, quickly think of the bad stuff. Think of the deep wounds and the damage they made you go through in order to get the thought of them out of your head. 

Step 4: Kiss Sad Music Goodbye 

I’m not saying stop listening to sad music completely, but all I’m saying is to stop listening to songs that’ll just remind you of the heartbreak and the pain until you feel better and find yourself gradually getting over it.

Step 5: Put some distance between you and the heartbreaker

There’s nothing wrong with still wanting to be in touch but being in touch right after the heartbreak won’t do you any good. Actually, it won’t give you the chance to move on and get over it if he/she is right infront of you at that time. So stop looking at their instagram story every time they put one, and stop staring at their posts; maybe even mute them for a while. 

Don’t rush anything! Forcing yourself to just “get over it” won’t genuinely get you over heartbreak or make it go by faster, and remember that time always heals everything.