Fakeness is a Trend

Writers: Amr Khattab and Rawan Yousry
Editor: Abdulellah

Newton’s law states that every action has an opposite and equal reaction. This law, however, is not applicable in all aspects of life. 
You could give someone all the love you can offer to receive only heartbreak in return, for example. This acts as proof that this rule isn’t all-encompassing, as it doesn’t include social life.  As the clock ticked and tocked, it became clear to me that life isn’t that simple. No matter the input, it won’t necessarily beget any output. But, I still believed that no matter how tiny the output is, it exists. I chose to live by this ideal.
By the end of 2019, I came to a bigger discovery than that of Newton’s. You’ll never receive any reward for your appearntly good actions without good reactions. 
Saving me countless episodes of heartache, I’m now living by this discovery full-time.
 Why should I face all these fake people? Why do I have to hurt to mature? Why should I think twice before speaking? Why am I always scared to let someone inside my castle? inside my heart? Is it because my heart has been exposed to so much destruction that I’m scared that any movement or heartbeat would destroy it all?  Or is it because my heart’s fence is made up of poison that would definitely kill anyone who dares step in?  My brain becomes the head guard of the castle. I’ve built my heart’s fence high…. …They are of broken promises and poisons. Anyone who’d dare enter will either get themselves killed,or would get the last piece of my heart destroyed. Life has sworn to become faker by the minute. My heart wouldn’t bare any more heartache. My heart has fallen ill.  The second I feel it is beginning to heal, life throws its thorns at it. You were my flower. I always thought you were a flower…. …Little did I know you were the thorns. My eyes were so attracted to the petals…….Forgetting that even the prettiest flowers have thorns. Your thorns appear as quick as the pin touches the balloon.
 And I thought we would make the most beautiful flower breed….But then… …you broke each and every stem of my flower. Of my heart. Your thorns appeared as quick as the pin touches the balloon. I just lost my twin and I don’t know when I will ever win.  I started to smoke after everyone left.  Can you choke me till death? Fakeness is becoming the trend. EVERYTHING is becoming fake. In education,there are fake grades and certificates.  In work, there are fake promotions. In social media, fake personalities, fake pictures, fake names, fake everything!  In life, Bebe said, “Fuck fake friends.” We just have fake people, feelings, love,personalities, work,grades, and promotions.  And I still strongly believe:”No pain, No gain.” I wouldn’t have matured had I not passed by all the fakeness in life.  Please don’t adopt this trend. Be proud of yourself.  Fakeness is becoming life’s trend…. … Are you going to adopt it? If yes,then soon, we’ll all be dead at heart.