Know Your Worth

Writer: Dima Hassanein
Editor: Abdulelah Ba Tarfi

We all have times when we’ve felt insecure about ourselves. Times where we felt degraded, ashamed, and torn down. On the other hand, we’ve all had times when we felt like we were on top of the world as well. 

Confident, happy, and indifferent to others’ opinions. 

Confidence isn’t easy and most of us struggle with it daily. With social media constantly hot on our trails, we can’t help but compare ourselves to all the models and influencers that pop up on our feeds. Whether it’s looks, money, relationships, or anything else, it can really tear us down without us noticing. 

There are so many things you can do to know and understand your worth, but it starts from the heart and the mind. 

Getting rid of unwanted and unnecessary thoughts will definitely positively impact this process. Self-care is also a very important step. 

Many people will say that self-care is selfish but it most definitely isn’t. It is really important to give time for yourself to stay healthy both mentally and physically. 

Some easy things you can do are getting enough sleep to get your mind set straight, drinking enough water for more energy, and surrounding yourself with the right people.

Surrounding yourself with the right people is a very important step. You need people who will lift you up rather than make things worse and bring you down. 

Watching your nutrition and managing your stress is also important. You have to try to eliminate anything that might get in the way of this process, so this is more important than you think. 

Working on yourself and being the person you’ve always wanted to be is another important step. Be a person others can trust and rely on.

Don’t let others get away with degrading you in any way and stand up for yourself. Haters will always want to see you defeated so standing up for yourself will only help you feel better.

Prioritize yourself. Try to put yourself and your needs on top of others’. You won’t be able to help others if you can’t help yourself, so always keep that in mind.