Why We Should Hold onto Life

Writer: Johny Abi Younes

Do you ever feel like giving up? Like there is nothing left to hold onto life for? At some point, it’s all at its worst, it won’t get any better, and it’ll just consume you alive?

If you do so, don’t ever give up. It’s easier said than done, but do not lose hope. It will get better at some point. Nothing will last forever.

And although I bet you have been told this many times, you matter. Maybe not to everyone, and maybe not to the people you want to matter to, but you matter to some. It might even be your pet. There’s always somewhere, someone who wants to get closer to you, who looks up to you and loves you, even if you don’t see it or notice it, there is.

You should remember that you’re here for a reason too. You might not be a hero, but you certainly can be someone’s hero. You can always help people, even without knowing it, you can always find some things, or at least one, that make you a hero.

Discover yourself more by trying out new hobbies that you find interesting, and even if you don’t succeed for the first time, try again and again. And always remember that there is nothing wrong with not being excellent, it might just not be for you.

If you still don’t have anything to hold onto, always remember that there are a lot of things you haven’t done. Perhaps, you might have never gone skydiving or you have never tried a certain food or dessert. Remember that there are always gonna be places you’ve never visited and people you’ve never met.

To help yourself remember all of these, set a bucket-list—one that includes all the things you want to try out. When you are done with it, go ahead and do at least one of these each month.