Writer: Sarah Mandor

Editor: Doaa Saady

“Sometimes the hardest person to forgive is yourself. Don’t you always find yourself blaming you for everything?

– I got rejected, it’s because I am not good enough.

– I failed this course, because I am not intelligent.

-They left me because I am toxic.

It’s great to have self awareness, it’s good to be honest with yourself if you messed things up, but blaming yourself with everything without thinking and analyzing the situation is unhealthy.

Maybe you got rejected because you were over qualified, this place wouldn’t serve you in the future or maybe the problem was chasing something that wasn’t suitable for you and you left another thing that was perfectly made for you and your abilities.

Not being good enough is okay, you will always be ‘more than enough’ for the right places.

Maybe you failed this course because you used the wrong method of studying or the course wasn’t delivered in a suitable way for everyone, in both cases you aren’t an idiot, you just needed help and it’s okay.

They left because you were toxic? No, let me tell you many reasons why people leave.

1. They can no longer be committed to you, that’s totally fine and not related to you.

2. They are starting a new life and needed to forget about everything before.

3. Guess what? They can be the toxic one.

4. They found someone else.

5. They weren’t serious.

None of the previous reasons have something to do with you.

So, I hope you learn how to control your inner voices, I hope your mind is kind to you.

I hope you forgive yourself for every mistake you made and tried to fix, for staying longer than you should, for your delayed tasks because you couldn’t get out of bed, for not answering phone calls or going out because you need your recharging time, for chasing a wrong road and a wrong dream, for trusting wrong people and for wasting your time and energy on vain.

Dwelling on regrets change nothing, forgiving yourself and allowing it to learn from what happened creates a total different person out of you after everything you do.

None of us is always right, never make mistakes, knows the consequences of his choices..

But all of us can start again, try again and believe again.

Tomorrow can be better than all of your yesterdays if you were kind to yourself, if you use your energy in learning and changing.

“The world is always kind to those who are kind to themselves.”