Your Love was Toxic

Writer: Aya Elsaiedy

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

You took me in so gently

I never wanted you to leave me

Everything, to me, felt so magical 

To you ,it’s just another spree; 

Oh , how typical!

When you said you were scared of Hurting me

That wasn’t empathy at all,

It was a warning of something

I couldn’t see coming

Fooled me so many times; 

You’re like the Joker in disguise 

And I witlessly gave in

Always chose you, like I was your Quinn

Your love was like a rose.

Despite all of my bleeding,

I couldn’t let go of the thorns

Till I ended up weeping

Your love was so toxic

But I couldn’t get enough

Always came back for more

Didn’t think it could all end so rough

Was I really in love with you?

Or with the feelings that were never true?

All the lies I believed 

How could I have been so cleaved…?