We’re All Human too

Writer: Mariam Elsanabary

Editor: Khaled Mohamed

Photo Credits: We Heart It

To all the ones whom I heard say 

“I will always stay”

They already left, but that’s okay

And I won’t even bother to cry and mope

‘Cause I have lost all hope

She says “It’s not like you’ve seen the world!” 

I already know that, yet I feel like I am cursed

Why can’t she see I am protecting myself?!

What does the world have left to give me?!

Aside from death and uncertainty.

That’s why I sit on the sea 

Making promises I won’t keep 

So I go to my room and pray all-day 

To be happy, not just in pain. 

And I keep her whispers close to my heart 

For a man cannot cry at war.

I kept my distance from them all

Living in the shell of my soul

Believing that this is where I belong 

Not knowing that I am wrong.

And here I am, giving a small example to you

Who thought that life won’t get you through 

All the hardships and the people you’ve lost 

But believe me, it’s only their loss.

And I know that you’ll come out one day 

Filled with happiness in every way 

Because you have so much in you

Because we are all human too.