The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue – Poem

Writer: Mariam Badr
Editor: Ahmed Ashry
Designer: Maram Mohammed

This is a poem about Addie from the book The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

Seven freckles are scattered across her face

Each one is a star

Her face is like space

Her amber eyes are a galaxy

They’ll light up your world

Her passion and lust have you hanging on every word

She’s brave and daring,

She won’t take no for an answer

She’s a poet, a painter and an excellent dancer

She leaves a print on your heart

She leaves ideas in your head

But the people always forget Addle LaRue

Luc gave her a gift, both a blessing and a curse

To explore the world, but the world will forget her

She’ll remember it all though, every single blink

All the wars and the beds and the houses she’s been in

She’s a shadow in the night, but don’t shut the door in her face

Because once the door closes, you’re back to the first phase

Hello, mademoiselle, what might your name be?

I’m (addie larue), don’t you remember me?

But her chords fail her once more

 She can’t say her own name

Until a cursed one like her, Henry, came

He remembered, her the first time, the second, and the third

And when he looked in her eyes, her eyes were clear and not blurred

She was the first one in a year, to look with her heart

He was the first in centuries, to remember when they part

Luc was behind this, but even he fell for her

So, the darkness has a heart

That’s the first we’ve heard

He spared Henry’s life, for one thing in return

Addie by his side, until he doesn’t want her

She’s cooked up a plan

She cooked up a scheme

She played smart and tricked the darkness

She’ll one day be free