I See Spectrum

Writer: Shahi Ezzeldin

Editor: Abdallah Sobhi

When I look at the sky and see a rainbow 

I see seven spectrum colors forming  a perfectly arched bow 

I see art 

Manifesting its way to my eyes and making my mouth drool 

Scattered sunrays penetrating the showers falling from the heavens 

A fountain from cloud to cloud 

But in fact,  it’s a never ending cycle 

Of optical illusion 

When I look at the sky and see a rainbow 

and wonder what it could possibly symbolize 

I don’t see districts, I see hope 

The kind that imitates light in the end of the tunnel 

I don’t see odium, I see joy 

The overflowing happiness that makes any signs of grief dim

I see serenity 

The oasis that is your only refuge 

That appears amidst your tangled mind and troubled thoughts

Only this time, it isn’t a mirage 

So before you soak your boots in the puddles 

As well as your deduction 

Stay long enough to see the aftermath of the rain 

The colors that march in the exhilarating sky parade 

Don’t bias against nature 



God is the greatest artist 

And his art is a sight to be witnessed with poise 

And grace