Happy New Life

Writer: Mariam Elsanabary

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

To all of you who said “New year, new me” 
“New experiences, new people”
I will ask them to stop and wait 
How about you heal from last year’s heartbreak?
How about you move on from those who made you lose all hope?
How about you fix everything with that person,
Or else your heart will just be inflamed? 
Start texting first the ones you love 
Tell them you miss them and that you’ve finally found home 
Home in yourself and that you’re no longer alone 
Forgive those who forgot you 
Forgive even worse people, those who did not fight for you
Then, as you’re fixing your relationships with others,

Don’t forget that there’s another 
A relationship that will get you through another year
Forgive yourself and make it clear 
That you are one of a kind 
That you will rock this year 
Take your time to heal from yourself, people, and of all the things that you fear 
So don’t rush into having the perfect start
Start when you’re ready not just because you must 
And by next year you can come and thank me 
For finally healing and living life as it should be 
For not hiding your feelings but facing them and moving on 
For not  simply “surviving” but living and having fun.