Writer: Anthony Salandy

Editor: Doaa Saady

Artist: Jee Won Park

A golden opulence exists
In the minds that grow restless in search of superficialities

Where exuberance is indeed
An idealized form of arrogance
Or rather an outlandish portrayal of strength,

But such subversion exists in the depths of us all
So ensured or so, I wonder engrained
In the psyche of men who hope for grandeur
From 9-5 jobs that never seem-

To fulfil the seedlings
Of their impossible struggle
To become rulers of fictional kingdoms
That will never manifest,

For no man can be fulfilled
By the sound of loose gold
That only serves to highlight

Just how disturbed the creed and nature of men
Has so sadly become in the fight for supremacy
That has brought division deep into the commercialized hearts of modernism.