Writer: Mariam Elsanabary

Editor: Khaled Mohamed

My heart is as dark as the sun

I run away and hide with my rum

Late nights, searching for answers

When he calls should I cancel or answer?

I sat down with my pain again

I asked her, what’s wrong today?

Didn’t we already do this and it was all in vain?

“Seek help,” a voice whispers

What’s the point, she’ll just say you’re an overthinker

And when someone leaves, I am just not a clinger

I care for everyone and all, but leave me alone when I want to fall

Help me stand when I call, but don’t judge my scar from war

“Congratulations, you’ve survived the war, now live with the trauma,”

they warned me before, but I prayed for it to end and nothing else

Little did I know, it’s as ruthless as bombs 

And stop hearing my words wrong 

All I said was that I felt alone 

I never said that the dark was my home 

I feel solace in it, but I need to roam the world

So thank you for listening to me whenever I cried

I am still fixing my wings, and soon I will be able to fly 

I will make sure I am not an Icarus at heart 

before I fly, so that I am never torn apart