Road trip

Writer: Hania Mostafa
Editor: Ahmed Ashry

“Let’s go on a road trip, one that will keep our hearts wild, crazy and alive,” he said.

“Where do we go?” she said.

“Let the wind carry us and direct us. Let’s just go somewhere, anywhere.”

So they did it. They rode the car . All day and all night, until they couldn’t see in front of them. They stopped at small vintage boutiques to buy souvenirs to remind them of a time where they were free. They stopped at local diners to enjoy a delicious burger or a delightful pizza to sustain their hunger for the next couple of hours. They pulled out a playlist called “If we go on a road trip one day…” . They spent hours and days putting it together, when going on a road trip was just a crazy, wild thought. They went to a place with a mountain, then another one with a lake. They didn’t really sleep, not much anyway . Instead, they lived on coffee, freshly brewed from a different place every day. One day from a gas station, one day from a small, old coffeeshop and one day they were invited by a total stranger to taste the coffee she brews every day. They got lost a couple of times, but guess what they did? They laughed it off, their music kept going while they were trying to enjoy their moments until they find their way back. Back to what? Back to another new place where they can get lost again. A new place with new people, new food to taste, new fresh coffee to devour, a whole new experience. There were loud moments where they couldn’t hear each other’s voices from the rock music, and there were quiet moments where the only sound they could hear was the cool wind.

But they had to go back to reality, to life. They went back with new energy, a renewed spirit and no regrets whatsoever. At least when they look back at that moment, they will a time when they weren’t afraid to get in the car without knowing their destination.