Writer: Sara Mohamed

At this very moment, someone is taking their last breath, willing to risk anything and everything to spend a few more moments on this Earth, desperately gasping for what had been taken for granted the entire time.

It is easy to look at the upper part of the leather, an extreme facility to look at those who have more money in their hands, almost an implicitness for everything not to be enough. 

It is almost part of human nature to never be grateful for whatever is under possession and to be reckless enough to not even notice the small, yet existent smile of a mother trying to cheer her kid up; all the little things that never mattered to anyone, but to those who had lost it. Although is imprinted in our heads that everything will eventually come to an end, we shove it back into the darkest edge of our minds, far away from any beam of the reminding light of reality. Although it is not new to us, that nothing stays forever, we choose to throw everything back, expecting it to run after us and assuming that it could never ever break. If you forget, then what gives you the right to miss?


Being able to get out of bed and respond to your mother’s calls from downstairs with a mumbling voice every morning is a matter of course to your person. Having clean, running water all around your -not necessarily huge- house and being provided with a variety of fresh food in the always filled refrigerator has become a certainty to you. Being able to pay for your school fees and education; having enough money in your pocket to buy clothes; and, most importantly, being healthy, has become something not worthy to be thankful for. You have the ability to see, hear, and listen to the beauty of this world, but yet decide to shut down all your senses and to depressingly look at small gaps between the stars, and thereby, missing their unforgettable shine.


One day, it will be over, then you are going to regret every single day you did not spend with your beloved family, every single day you were not grateful enough, every single day you took all that for granted and thought that this was going to stay forever.


Life is like being on an air balloon. You won’t be able to fly higher until you throw off weights. You won’t be able to move on unless you lose something. You won’t be able to live until you learn to let go. 

Don’t waste your time looking at those weights falling down, because then you will miss the most beautiful view your eyes have ever seen. The view that is going to make you forget. 


It is time to wipe off the tears blurring your sight, preventing you from observing the colours of the rainbow following the storm; time to see the world with different eyes; time to show the people you love how much you love them. It is not too late yet to make a simple, yet essential change. 

Say those words as if they were last. Take that breath as if it were your last. Speak abundance into your life. Do what you want to be remembered for and appreciate all things, no matter how tiny they might be.